At the end of the world, une fille du roi envoyée par le roi de France met a juvenille boy sent by the Queen of England, on their common quest to look for the mysterious land, China. Their marriage promoted peace, love, and elevated human existential value as a whole. 

This is my first composition for a Chinese Instrument: GuZheng, it is an effort on my part after I read what Debussy wrote in one of my favorite article 'Du Goût' on 15 janvier 1913: Leur conservatoire (Javanese) c'est: Le rhythme éternel de la mer, le vent dans les feuilles, et milles petits bruits qu'ils écoutèrent avec soin. 

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Opus One 室内乐

关于 Opus One 室内乐

Languages are building blocks of every communication process in human culture. But considering the many conflicts arisen today due to language barriers, it is really music, when played correctly, that can provide an immense platform for social interactions. Opus One Music challenges cultural boundaries with the belief that cultures are attracted to each other because of their differences but accept each other because of their similarities. When people use another culture to interpret the same music, they may be able to offer the piece a brand new interpretation, open up a new perspective, which could be a very refreshing experience for both sides.

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